When you decide to step into this work, you choose to step into sacred space.

In this sacred space we have a great deal of spiritual support around us. Most clients feel this support tangibly, as if they're being cradled in a luminous cocoon.

As the session begins, we will take some time to connect. We will discuss what has been coming up for you, and what it is you'd like to work on in the session. Then we will move into the energy work. You will be lying down comfortably for much of our work together, and you will be gently guided throughout the process.

Afterwards, we will discuss our experiences, and I will share with you what I found. I will be able to answer any questions you might have at this point, and offer coaching on the path ahead. You may also be given some homework to further integrate this work.

To learn more about what is typically performed during a session please visit our Services page.

Personal sessions can be performed remotely (via Skype or phone), or in-person at my office in Los Angeles. House calls may also be setup in Southern California.

 While a single session can create powerful shifts in ones life, we generally recommend 3-5 sessions to create significant and lasting results. Sessions typically last 60-75 minutes.

If you'd like to know more, feel free to schedule a 15 minute phone consultation to see if we're a good fit!  

If you are feeling called to this work but finances are an issue, please contact me with your situation.

"I would recommend him to anyone who wants to break patterns, bad habits, addictions, release things or just for balancing - he is Amazing! Thank you Rami!”

— Elizebeth Lopez, Tamarac, FL

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