Shamanism is an ancient spiritual, and healing practice found throughout all traditional cultures of the world. Shamans are the individuals who mediate between the visible, and invisible worlds.  They are said to stand with one foot in the world of energy, and one in the world of matter to deliver healing on behalf of their client, community, and planet. 

The foundation of our healing work is the understanding that each one of us has a luminous energy field, which surrounds and informs our physical bodies.

Psychic Energy System by Alex Grey

The luminous energy field contains information from early life experiences, inherited genetic imprints, even memories from before we were born.  

Unhealed traumas from our own lives, or inherited from our ancestors, are often held within our luminous energy fields. These old imprints hold an energetic charge, and as these issues go unchecked, we can find ourselves stuck in debilitating patterns. We may find ourselves creating similar situations in our lives, over and over again. Giving us the opportunity to acknowledge and heal what was never truly healed. This can show up later in our lives in a number of ways. Physical illness, a failing relationship, or unhealthy emotional/mental patterns can all have their origins in the unhealed energy from our past.

Imprints can also lie dormant for years without effecting us. For example, an imprint in your energy field may genetically predispose you to breast cancer. Like an icon on your computer desktop, the imprint may lie in your field for decades without ever being “double-clicked." Yet when the perfect circumstances present themselves, the program begins to run, downloading its information into your body through one of your seven chakras.

Shamans work at the blueprint layer of reality, to heal these wounds at their energetic source. By healing these imprints, these wounds can no longer guide your path. Instead you'll actually find those old wounds transforming into your greatest sources of power on your journey.

"Following his guidelines brought renewed peace of mind and within weeks my health had improved. I can’t recommend Rami highly enough!”

— Jenise Fryatt, Big Bear, CA