Home & Land Clearings

You may not realize how peaceful and safe a home can feel, until it is finally cleared.

The land we live on is ancient. Sometimes energy from the past can get stuck on a particular piece of property, house etc. Sometimes the spirits who once lived on that land never fully crossed over. Or perhaps the previous owners had particularly heavy energy which is no longer serving the space. You may find yourself feeling uneasy, agitated, unreasobably fearful. Or perhaps you’ve had some instances you can’t explain simply.

This work gives us an opportunity to offer healing to the spirits present, and to clear stale energies stuck in the space. By doing so we can imbue your home with deep lightness, transforming it into the sanctuary its meant to be.

Death rites

Perhaps the most important part of our spiritual path is our final transition. Death is a natural process, but many of us have forgotten how to die with grace. By performing the death rites, we are able to prepare a loved one for their final transition, without attachments and without fear, and guide their luminous bodies on to Spirit.

Distance Sessions

The nature of this work is not bound by physical space, therefore it is not necessary for a client to be physically present in our office to participate in a personal session. Many of my clients actually tend to prefer the immediate intimacy and convenience of distance work as well. Sessions take place either over the phone or Skype and are conducted in much of the same way as in-person work. Distance sessions are prepaid via this site or by check.

"I would recommend him to anyone who wants to break patterns, bad habits, addictions, release things or just for balancing - he is Amazing! Thank you Rami!”

— Elizebeth Lopez, Tamarac, FL

“Rami is a truly gifted Shaman. He is a powerfully profound healer with a gentle, kind and loving spirit. The healing I have experienced working with him has been life-changing.”

— Carol Taaffe, Portland, OR

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