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I was called onto this path as a teenager while on my own quest for healing. When I was 17 I began developing symptoms which doctors had a very difficult time diagnosing. These symptoms progressed, and eventually inhibited me from doing much physical activity without chronic pain and fatigue in my skeletal muscles.  I slowly watched as the pieces of my life fell apart, and did my best to find answers through the traditional routes.  As I went from specialist to specialist, I began to realize the limitations of western medicine in dealing with the treatment of chronic conditions, such as mine.    

While in the midst of this chaos, I had a very powerful spiritual awakening experience, spawned by the vision of an entity floating over my bed one evening.  Almost overnight I was opened up to the world of spirit, and I became enthralled by the subjects of self healing and spirituality.  I felt as if I was being called toward something, but what that was I could not say.  I had never cared to look into such topics before, however now I felt as if I was finally reconnecting with an aspect of myself which I had lost long ago.

To help make sense of some of the things that were happening to me in my life, I went to see a well respected intuitive.  She told me that I was a healer, and that I was being called onto this path through this illness.  She then said, "Honey, do you know what a shaman is?"  I had never heard the word before that moment.  "No" I respond curiously.  "See that picture there?" she pointed behind her.  On the wall was a magnificent print.  "That's a shaman.  You will be very involved with shamanic healing in this lifetime."  Waves of emotion began to wash over my body... this journey was finally beginning to make more sense.

This dark night of the soul became my initiation onto the path of shaman.  It showed me so much about the nature of healing, and how much power we have even in our darkest hours.  I continued devoting the majority of my waking hours learning and practicing self-healing techniques as the months, and years past.  Finally, through a combination of my own healing work, the guidance of a wonderful shaman trained by Alberto Villoldo and The Four Winds Society, and some help from the magical world of vitamins and supplements, I was able to fully regain my health and vitality for the first time in nearly 5 years.

When healed, our greatest wounds can transform into our greatest sources of power.  As difficult as this time was for me, I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I can't express my gratitude enough for being able to hold this space for my clients on their healing journeys now.  


"Working with Rami helped remind me of the powerful ally we have with the earth, all energy surrounding any situation or viewpoint can be transformed.”

— Christina R, LMT Portland, OR